Hints and Tips for taking pictures of your birds for sales ads

When taking pictures of your birds for sale ads, it's always nice to see a bird in neutral environment, preferably against a white background as this tends to show the finer points of your birds.

As you can see judging by the two photographs above, as nice as the bird is, the loft environment doesn't really portray an Image that is very appealing to a prospective buyer. I know it's the natural environment, but it does not really create the right image for your advertisement. believe it or not this can sometimes be the difference between a sale and no sale.

You don't have to have an expensive camera or a fancy camera booth, or even be that good of a photographer to create a nice photo for advertisement. Most digital cameras nowadays are up to the job. With a bit of practice you can create some nice images.

How to make a simple photo booth for photographing your birds.

 Fig 1: Polystyrene fish box sourced from a tropical fish shop for free.

 Fig3: Flexible plastic sheet cut to size for inside.

 Fig5: Box complete with light.

 Fig 2. Cut a hole to fit in a light, I used one with a reflector and plastic lens.

 Fig 4: Plastic inserted into box.

 Fig6: Box without light.

 As you can see from the pictures above creating a photo booth for photographing your birds is quite a simple affair, you could even use a nestbox or a white cardboard box. The idea of the plastic insert is there for two reasons, not only does it help the bird to keep a more central position, it also cuts the the corners out of the photograph. This doesn't have to be plastic it could be a piece of card, in fact you could you could have different pieces of card different colours to change the background colour. It's a great way to create some nice images of your birds with very little cost outlay.

You can finish the job by fixing a couple of plastic widowhood box fronts to the box, so the bird will remain in place.

I find it much easier to place the box in a dark room, this tends to stop the bird wanting to come out all the time. I generally hold the bird for a a couple of minutes just prior to shutting it in the box as this seems to calm it down a little. One thing you will find is that the minute you place the bird in the box is that it will have a poo, so it's best to remove this before you start, otherwise it will walk this all over the box.

Hope this has given you a few ideas, have fun.