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This page is for small features about fanciers you can have up to 2 pics one of your loft and one of yourself or your best bird. Then we can do a small write up about you and then list your birds for sale underneath the feature.

 Ray Peel, from South Shields, who races with his brothers as the Peel Brothers, has been involved in the fancy for over 30 years.

Ray has not had an easy ride over the last ten years or so, suffering a spate of break ins at his lofts and losing many of his prized pigeons. But Ray being the devoted fancier he is has soldiered and  has ridden out the storm.

Over the past few years with the introduction of a few different breeds has seen their performance  go from strength to strength and has certainly held his own as a competitor in his local club and also in the Federation and the mighty Up North Combine.

This has certainly been echoed in their results over the past 2 years achieving 10 x 1st Club places, 5 x 2nd Club, 12 x 3rd Club, 14 X 4th that's an impressive 43 top 5 club places within the last 2  years, but it doesn't just stop there, Ray has topped the fed twice with 1 x 2nd, 2 x 3rd, 3 x 5th, 2 x 6th, 2 x 7th, 2 x 8th, 1 x 9th, 2 x10th making yet again a grand two year total of 17 top ten fed results.

The icing on the cake has been some good results in the UNC, achieving some very good positions against some very stiff competition 14th, 19th, 41st, 46th, 47th, 191st, 264th.

His section results  have been just as good against good birdages up to 7000  birds with a tremendous 1 x 3rd, 1x 6th, 2 x14th,  1 x 21st, 1 x 28th.

Ray concludes that  many things have contributed to their ongoing success, first and foremost has to be accredited  to the very hard work put in on a daily basis by the brothers, and a very strict bird selection criteria and of course a very good management system that has took many years to perfect through trial and error.

Set your sights high and aim for the stars, race every race to win and if you don't win try harder the following week.

These boys are definitely going to be a big name in the very near future.

Very Best of Luck to you guys for very near future

UK Racing Pigeons For Sale


The North East's Quiet Man Raymond Peel Flying As The Peel Brothers

First time ad 2013 YB for sale.  YB £30 each or 6 for £150 + Carriage

Our main families are Lefebre Dhaenen’s, Busschaerts, Walter Docx, Gevaert van schoorisse, De Prut, Roland Janssens, Janssen’s, Herman Beverdam Meulemans, Soontjens, plus many other crosses

We fly in the NE against some of the best fanciers in the area and in the Up North Combine.

Our Club Results in 2011 – 2012 : 10 x 1st , 5 x 2nd, 12 x 3rd, 14 x 4th.

Fed Results:  2 x 1st, 1 x 2nd, 2 x 3rd, 3x 5th , 2 x 6th , 2 x 7th, 2 x 8th , 1 x 9th , 2 x 10th , Plus many more in the top 20.

UNC Results: 14th , 19th , 41st , 46th , 47th ,191st , 264th ,

Section Results: 1 x 3rd , 1 x 6th , 2 x 14th , 1 x 21st , 1x 28th . Birdages to 7000  Birds.

Orders Now Being Taken   0191 4233469 or 07767267503

email  peelfamily@hotmail.co.uk.9

Our motto Is Only The Best Get Better